10/09/21 Back to flowering Friday bouquet!

10/09/21 Back to flowering Friday bouquet!

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Despite being out of Lockdown, your 'Flowers for the Weekend' will continue to be delivered to your doorsteps every Friday.

So, if you'd like some simple but beautiful Summer flowers to pop into a jug or vase in the middle of your kitchen table or on your windowsill, then simply order here. After something more dramatic or as a gift, then opt for the £30 bouquet and let me know if it's for a birthday or special occasion as I'll wrap it accordingly. Other budgets catered for too, just get in touch.


This week the 'Flowers for the weekend' are British grown peonies from Leicestershire. It's a mixture of colours this week, so if you have a preference let me know and I'll try my best to accommodate. They are a fabulous peonies with large, noble, bomb-shaped blossoms, full of intense petals.

I look forward to seeing you (socially distanced of course) on Friday. Stay safe.

Available for non contact delivery or collection if passing.  Free local non- contact delivery within 8 miles (Fairford and the surrounding villages) on Friday only.

Available on Friday

Whispers of Summer, tied up with string

.....and brown paper. Plastic free. 

(Picture shows last week's red charm peony which popped spectacularly with the warm weather! )