The Floral Nest - Gift Card

The Floral Nest - Gift Card

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Gift Cards are the perfect way to share ‘The Floral Nest’  flowers with others again and again.

We will provide you with a bespoke gift card in an envelope that you can present to the lucky recipient. The voucher can be easily used within 12 months of the purchase date and be used to purchase an occasional ‘Flowers for the Weekend’ bouquet, to start a up flower subscription or for any other bespoke request.

Some examples of what a voucher might be used for: 

£15  voucher = 1 classic bouquet

£30 voucher = 1 large bouquet OR 2 x classic bouquets 

£60 voucher = 1 month weekly classic flower subscription

£90 voucher = 3 month fortnightly classic flower subscription 

£180 voucher = 6 month fortnightly classic flower subscription

How to Redeem the Gift Card

There is no need to choose how the voucher is to be used at purchase. You will be sent a digital voucher code which you can share. This code can be used when checking out of the website within 12 months of purchase. This code will also be added to the physical Gift Card which we will deliver to you.

If you have any questions then please contact us.